Woah almost fell there. My brother knows how to capture the perfect, hilarious fails of mine.

Still trying to capture my balance. I can be so clumsy when I take pictures. Here's my actual smile. Good thing I laugh at myself, and not like other people where I'm embarrassed. 

Sam "the tiny monster" Banuelos is ready to rumble!!

That booty right? Ahaha I'm just kidding. I hardly got a booty but hey it's cute. With my squats, i can say it's getting bigger. Woop! Sorry, if that's a bit uncomfortable for you.

She believes she can fly?

Funny how I got these Vans like umm when I was in 8th, 9th grade & here I am wearing them now more than ever.

She cannot fly, unfortunately. How cool would that be if I could. Pretty amazing, I think.

Just looking at this photo above has me laughing. I look like a total goofball, I must say. Well this is your actual Sam, in real life. I get to document my most knarly moments with you all. No one says the word knarly anymore, I wonder why. I feel like it's something a surfer would say. "Man the wave was totally knarly!!" Ahaha yes I can so picture it. 

Well this outfit was something I wore a couple weeks back but didn't take pictures of it. Believe it or not, this is a scrubby or lazy moment. I'm not one of those girls that wears sweats and a messy bun. If I do, well let us say that, that is when the monster inside of me is out. I hope you guys love this outfit, or at least like it. I thought it had this edgy feel, and a lot of people can pull this outfit.


I love all my HOMIIEEESSS!!!

The Sam Diaries

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  1. I love the leather look biker vest, I want one so bad!

    1. Thank you! I love this one. You should definitely get one. It practically goes with anything.