Women and Sports

Living in a Male Dominated Sports World.

        When it comes to sports, everyone has their favorite whether it's football, soccer, basketball etc. but see the problem is, it doesn't matter which sport is your favorite, there are hardly any women who get paid big bucks to do what all those big money making male commentators do: say whatever they want about the game but being appropriate, and my question is how come?
        As I googled search to find any articles about women and sports I found an article stating the 50 hottest female broadcasters in the world. Is that really what women mean in the sports industry? We are just a pretty face with no intention in the game, just reporting what's going on and making an okay amount of money. But see the thing is I can only name one female broadcaster: Erin Andrews and that's because she was on Dancing with the Stars. That's the sad thing about this. Women aren't really given an opportunity in this business unless you are working with Women's Basketball or Women's soccer. I know most of the sports announcers are former NFL, NHL etc. players due to the fact that they have earned to talk about sports because they know the game but women can do that too, so why are men given the opportunity but not women.
        As a young teenager I have grown to love the game of the NFL. I would even love to become a coach or a sports announcer, but the problem is a lot of men are sexist and believe that I don't know anything about the game. I'm just a pretty face to them who will pretend to know about the game and cheer. Unfortunately, that  is how it is, you're either are a pretty face with no intention in the game or you're considered "manly" due to your love for the game, but why not both. We women can be both.
        One of the women to prove that is  Danica Patrick. A new NASCAR driver who has proven to the men that she is not your ordinary woman. Patrick is slowly gaining her way to be one of the best in NASCAR. She has become a role model to many girls who feel like they won't make it big time. She is proving that just because sports are male dominated, they aren't tough enough to keep the women out of the game.
        When you look at the most toughest sports in the world, a lot of men would think women don't want to be involved in this or they might get hurt. Men need to stop being concerned with the fact that just because we are women, we aren't as "delicate" as they think we are. Gina Carano, a former MMA fighter, has become the face of women's MMA due to her beauty and her incredible tough skills. She has earned her right to compete and her ability to have an impressive 7-1 record, has shown the world that women are tougher than men think we are. She is leading many more women to compete in MMA and to show that whatever men can do, we can do better!
        There are many women in the world today who are dying to show that they aren't just a pretty face, they are so much more. We have been push aside for so long and been prevented from playing the game just because men feel the game is to tough for us. If you don't believe me, let us date back to 1931 when the 2nd woman in history was signed by a professional baseball team Ms. Jackie Mitchell. She became the pitcher for the AA Chattanooga Lookouts and was able to play against the famous New York Yankees. After striking out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, Mitchell was pulled out. A few days later her contract was voided because Kenesaw Mountain Landis, the baseball commissioner at the time, felt the game was "too strenuous for a woman." It is unbelievable that men are scared that we are better than them. Once we prove to them, with their own eyes, they immediately use sexist reasons to "protect" us.
        I'm tired of men trying to push us to the curb and telling us we can't do what they do. Many women in this world have proved that what they think is in fact wrong. The reason I believe we are better at what they do is men have too much pride and can get out of control. Sure some women can get like that but instead of getting angry and trying to use our strength to win the game, we use our knowledge. We analyze and see what's happening and we know how to throw off our enemies. Men get cocky and think that by their strength they are powerful and great players. If that's what they think, well they have a lot to learn. As I look at the NFL sports announcers, a lot of them are biased and get paid a lot of money to say something a 12 year old could say. I at one time used to be biased, but when you got knowledge on your side, I have learned to analyze the game and actually talk about a team's mistakes and what they did right, what they need help on, and so on. It's unfair that men get the upper hand when it comes to sports, but I believe it's time that the face of sports changed from scruffy, cocky men to poise, strong, and smart women!

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